1. Beware of the OWNER, Visitors in Training!
    07 May, 2019
    Beware of the OWNER, Visitors in Training!
    If your dog struggles to contain their excitement when visitors come calling, jumping up at them and being simply silly, you're going to need to enlist some help. Your dog can learn a lovely "visitor protocol", with step by step training. Sometimes, though, this can be more visitor training than dog training!
  2. Labrador eating poop
    12 Feb, 2019
    Pooches with a penchant for poop ("coprophagia")
    Coprophagia is the term which means eating faeces.  It is an unpleasant habit that many pet dogs seem to enjoy - but why do they do it, and how can we teach them not to?
  3. Is it really Separation Anxiety?
    10 Jan, 2019
    Is it really Separation Anxiety?
    Be aware of being too hasty in labelling a dog with separation anxiety. There could be other explanations, medical or behavioural, for your dog’s behaviour. Correct diagnosis will provide the most appropriate treatment plan. This article will help you eliminate the other possibilities.
  4. Communication: Slicker by Clicker
    02 Oct, 2018
    Communication: Slicker by Clicker
    Clicker training isn't only for professional dog trainers or highly experienced owners; it can be useful for teaching plenty of everyday situations. Clicker training provides a clear way of communicating to your dog exactly what you are teaching - it's slicker with a clicker!
  5. That “Difficult Second Album” … for Dogs?! (Adolescence)
    19 Aug, 2018
    That “Difficult Second Album” … for Dogs?! (Adolescence)
    Puppies make their debut album: they're an instant hit! Adolescent dogs present new challenges. Learn how you can prepare yourself and work through that difficult second stage.
  6. Mabel and Rick Astley
    10 Jul, 2018
    Rewards, Reinforcement ... and Rick Astley
    Get to know what your dog finds rewarding; ditch your ideas of what should be a reward - ask your dog! Once you know their views on the matter, you will be able to get much better connection and performance from them.
  7. The Triangle of Play
    18 Jun, 2018
    The Triangle of Play
    The Triangle of Play There are 3 essential ingredients to play - the dog, the toy …  and you. It is all three of these components that make the play really fun, and make up what I like to call “The Triangle of Play”. Leave a toy static in a toy box: your dog may pick it up once in a while, but will soon lose interest. Yet if you pick up the toy and generate some energy with it, you’ll also pick up your dog’s interest, and there you have the “Triangle of Play”: dog, toy and handler. Play has
  8. Puppy Chewed It
    09 May, 2018
    Puppy Gnawing and Gnashing
    Puppy Gnawing and Gnashing ... Help! My puppy is attacking me! Ouch!! Why puppies nip and chew, and what to do about it.
  9. Dogs Nose Best
    04 Mar, 2018
    Dogs Nose Best
    What is really important to our dogs is the stinky stuff. Prioritising the love to sniff can improve our connection with dogs and help with everyday issues.
  10. Toilet Training Your Puppy
    19 Feb, 2018
    Toilet Training Your Puppy
    Toilet training your puppy can be a minefield of puddles and presents - but with a great routine, lots of observation skills, and positive reinforcement, you can crack it!
  11. Looking Love Loop
    25 Jan, 2018
    Looking Love Loop
    Why using a "Look" or "Watch Me" cue gives your dog that loving feeling
  12. Smiling Dog Trainer and Her Smiling Dog
    09 Jan, 2018
    Crack a Smile and Crack On Training
    Why smiling at your dog will make you feel better, and make your dog training better.