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What is Real Dog Yoga?

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Don't worry ... you won't need to get out the lycra and perform the "downward dog" whilst balancing your dog in a precarious position!!


Real Dog Yoga is a programme of training devised by Jo-Rosie Haffenden, who explains that it:
  • "ultimately involves teaching dogs to express and hold specific body postures, expressions and actions that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and help them to become or remain calm.
  • The programme has designed an environment for learning which is called option training. We train yoga using this method where dogs have specific areas and communication signals they can use to opt out at any point. Regular breaks are taken following a protocol to ensure that emotional stressors such as frustration do not complicate learning patterns.
  • Using option training we teach each dog a set of 30 postures (which are broken into 3 sets: sitting, laying and standing) as well as 15 actions and 10 expressions. These are designed to help the dog learn to become or maintain calmness. It also helps to increase the dog and human interspecies vocabulary and create better understanding and compassion. The postures, expressions and actions also increase body awareness, muscle control and communication with the owners."
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My dog is elderly, can Real Dog Yoga help?


The great thing about Real Dog Yoga is that it can be taught to any age of dog. It provides an ideal training session for the more mature dog. It provides a mentally stimulating session that will additionally help with body awareness and muscle control. So, if you would like your senior dog to keep toned and mentally active, then this is the ideal format of training. As it uses "option training" your dog can take breaks whenever they choose. You can focus on exercises that suit your dog's specific health needs, for example, teaching them postures to stretch away stiffness in their neck.

You may wish to discuss the programme with your dog's vet / physiotherapist first, and receive professional Real Dog Yoga instruction to begin with rather than trying it on your own (understanding the concept of option training and providing regular breaks are really important to ensure your dog doesn't overdo it, just as much as getting to grips with the postures, expressions and actions).

Will Real Dog Yoga help my nervous dog?

Yes! The postures, expressions and actions that are taught stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system - they actually help the dog feel more calm. In the same way that a human holding a smile, or laughing, creates a 'feedback loop' in the body physically making you feel better, the same is true of the canine parasympathetic nervous system. 

Once your dog is used to offering the postures, expressions and actions, and finding them rewarding, those moves will become a more natural part of their 'vocabularly'. This means, for example, that they might perform a neck stretch to look away from something that worries them. Or when they feel a little tense, they might offer a play bow - which can diffuse tension with other dogs as well as naturally making a dog feel less stressed.

How can I learn Real Dog Yoga?

Book a session with an accredited Real Dog Yoga Instructor! The Real Dog Yoga Instructors have all been trained personally by Jo-Rosie Haffenden. They take an intensive four day course including an assessment at the end. They are all trained using vulnerable, rescue dogs such as Fudge (pictured below) who Denise had the privilege of working with in December 2017. The Real Dog Yoga Instructors are an incredible team of passionate, exceptional trainers. Denise is one of Jo-Rosie's accredited trainers, and offers individual sessions in your own home for £40 (Central Bedfordshire).

You will need to allow 1 hour (1.5 hours for the first session, priced at £60), a nice calm tidy room (just your lounge will do!), a yoga mat, some tasty treats, and a clicker - although Denise can bring all of these items for you to borrow during the session, you'll be sure to want to practice inbetween sessions so you might wish to be prepared.

If you are not in Central Bedfordshire, you should look for your nearest Accredited Real Dog Yoga Instructor: 
Alternatively, you could purchase Jo-Rosie's book at if you would like to give it a go on your own!

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To book your private Real Dog Yoga session, call Denise: 07926 350693