About Denise Price, Dog Instructor
Denise Price Individual Puppy and Dog Training, Behaviour Packages, and Real Dog Yoga Instructor
​​ Hi ! Thank you for visiting my page ... here's a little more about me ...

I'm Denise, and I am quite simply passionate about dogs. From the days I picked my GCSE's many (many, many!) years ago, I knew I wanted to work with animals, and told my careers adviser exactly that - so I chose to do an Agriculture GCSE to spend time on the school farm. Despite this early interest, I followed quite an academic route, ending up as a Computer Programmer for a leading retailer for 17 years ... but since 2005 I'd always had some dog-related work part time "on the side" - from helping out as a kennel hand, grooming, dog walking and so on. During my time as a groomer, I was on the receiving end of a rather unpleasant dog attack ... which prompted me to understand more about why that poor dog felt he had no option but to bite. And so my journey into understanding canine body language, behaviour, and training began - just over a decade ago. Following maternity leave, I decided not to return to the London based I.T. world, and set up a full-time dog walking business which quickly evolved into a dog training business, and this has been my full-time occupation since 2014. 

To date, the most rewarding training I have done is on a 4-day training course based at Battersea Dog's Home. I feel I really helped a resident dog or two become that little bit more rehomeable, although it was bittersweet as I had to leave them behind!

My hobby is  - you guessed it, training my own two dogs! Mabel is a 4-year old Labradoodle and we enjoy agility, cani-cross, and being very jolly together. Murphy is a fun and joyful Bichon X Cavalier, and he enjoys trick training and lolling about on the sofa. I do like crafts & crochet, but I guess that's not so relevant!

Denise Price BSc MA IMDT
All those fancy letters! Get me! Well, they just mean I have a degree and a Masters Degree (both in Philosophy), and am an Accredited Trainer with and member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT). 

As I believe it is so important to continue learning, my list of qualifications achieved and courses attended over the past decade is growing all the time! 

Seminars/Courses attended

Nov 2018: "Force Free Trick Trainer" Accreditation received
Oct 2018: "Force Free Trick Trainer" Instructor's Course, School of Canine Science
Aug 2018: Craig Ogilvie "Working with Your Stimulated Dog" Workshop
Jun 2018: IMDT Annual Conference
Jan 2018: Chirag Patel "Canine Body Language" seminar
Dec 2017: OCN Level 3 "Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour" qualification
Dec 2017: Impulse Control seminar (IMDT); https://www.imdt.uk.com/
Dec 2017: Real Dog Yoga, 4 day course; https://www.therealdogyoga.co.uk/

2017: Canine First Aid & Injury Prevention Workshop
2017: 2 Day Assessment with the IMDT
2017: Perfect Puppy Foundations (IMDT)
2017: Holistic Nutrition & Veterinary Vaccinations (Dr Nick Thompson)
2017: Real Dog Yoga Workshop (Toni Shelborne)
2017: 2 Day Career as a Dog Trainer (IMDT)
2016: 4 Day Practical Instructor (IMDT)
2016: "Handling and Training Reactive Dogs" seminar by Brenda Aloff
2015: "Aggression Awareness" with the Dog Safety Education Executive www.dogsee.org.uk
2015: Canine Nutrition with the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association www.cfba.co.uk, learning how diet affects behaviour.  
2015: Common Canine Behaviour Problems (CIDBT www.cidbt.org.uk )
2014: Professional Instructor Skills and Management (CIDBT)
2014: Basic Dog Handling and Training Skills (CIDBT)
2012: Certificate of Higher Education in Animal Behaviour, Distinction (Anglia Ruskin University)
2008: Dog First Aid Training (Animal Aiders)
2007: NVQ Level 2 Intermediate Certificate in Dog Grooming (Shuttleworth College) 
2007: Certificate of Advanced Canine Communication
2007: Certificate of Canine Communication 

Denise Price BSc MA IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer
Denise Price Group Dog Training Bedfordshire Qualified Trainer